With the LXD30000 it is possible to perform low latency data acquisition and playback of analog signals at 5.4 Gsps with a resolution of 12 bits.


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With the LXD30000 Logic-X provides a unique analog interface product that is based on the 12-bits low latency wide bandwidth ADC (EV12AS350A) and DAC  EV12DS460) from Teledyne E2V. Multi card synchronizaton is supported thanks to a flexible clock tree and external synchronization trigger input.
Analog input
With an analog input stage that has a very wide input bandwidth from 0.5MHz up-to 4.8GHz and the low latency 5.4Gsps ADC from E2V (EV12AS350A) the LXD30000 delivers unmatched performance with regards to SFDR, close in phase noise and latency (7.2 ns). Sampling at 5.4 Gsps offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 2.7GHz.
Analog output
Surpassing the analog input, the analog output offers an even lower latency (1.2 ns) using the EV12DS460 DAC device from E2V. The output bandwidth ranges from 0.5MHz to 6GHz and the instantaneous output bandwidth is 1.35GHz.
12 bit
Both the ADC and DAC offer 12-bits resolution further contributng to achieve best in class signal to noise ratios.
Low Latency
It is possible to achieve a very low latency from the RF input to the RF output because of the LVDS connectvity to the host carrier. This can be less than 18 ns, depending on the carrier that is used.
Clock tree
The onboard low noise clock generator ensures easy integraton into small single channel systems as well as standalone operaton. For larger systems it is possible to directly provide the sample clock to the front panel SSMC connector or to synchronize the local clock generator to an external reference clock.
Systems that will beneft greatly from this product are: 

  • Electronic Warfare systems
  • Radar waveform generators and receivers
  • Advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems
  • Medical systems
  • Telecommunicaton systems 
  • and many more. 
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