LXD90K0 top LXD90K0 bottom LXF90K0
LXD90K0 top LXD90K0 bottom LXF90K0
The LXF90K0 is a compact standalone FPGA based compute acceleration platform based on the ZYNQ Ultascale+ Multiprocessor system on chip (MPSOC). Select your features and request a quotation.


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The LXF90K0 is a compact standalone Adaptable compute acceleration platform based on the ZYNQ Ultascale+ Multiprocessor system on chip (MPSOC). Depending on the customer application it is possible to choose between four different ZYNQ US+ devices (XCZU2, ZCZU3, XCZU4 or XCZU5) in the same 784 pin package. 
Powerful Compute Units
 Using this device makes this platform a powerful application processing unit based on a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 combined with a real time processing unit built around the Dual-core ARM Cortex-R5. Furthermore, there is the option for an ARM Mali-400 MP2 graphics processing unit and an on-chip H.264/H.265 CODEC1.  All this processing power is combined with a Programmable logic section of up to 256K logic cells, 1248 DSP slices and 25Mbits memory.
Large Memory
The processing system is connected to a 2400 Mb/s DDR4 memory bank that is 64 bits wide and offers a total memory density of 4GB. This memory is complemented with several FLASH storage options based on onboard QSPI FLASH, SD card storage, upto 64GB onboard FLASH drive and an M.2 expansion slot (2280). 
System IO
External interfaces to the Processing system comprise of a dual 1G Ethernet port, one mini DisplayPort, a type A USB2.0 port, a dual UART over USB port and a single SMA for GPIO. 
Adaptable Logic
The Programmable logic connects to an FMC (VITA 57.1) site that allows flexible IO expansion through a wide range of Commercial off the shelf FMC products. These can add for example Analog IO, Digital IO, RF IO or Video IO functionality to the LXF90K0 platform.  In addition, the programmable logic has two GPIOs that connect to an MMCX connector and two six pin PMOD interfaces. The PMOD interfaces can be used to connect low frequency, low I/O pin count peripheral modules to the processor system or the programmable logic. 
Typical Applications
  • Electronic Warfare Multi channel digital receivers Satellite communication Edge Artificial Intelligence
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Product Information

Front panel IO type
FMC-IO + 2 x LED + SMA trigger
Ethernet type
Dual 1000BASE-T on RJ45 connector
Video interface
mini Display port
Debug interfaces
Uart over USB on micro USB connector plus standard Xilinx JTAG header
Onboard memory
4GB 2400-DDR4 + 64 MB QSPI FLASH + 64 GB SSD (optional)
USB ports
Single USB 2.0 port type A
Expansion conenctors
FPGA mezzanine - High pin count + 2 x PMOD + M.2 dual lane PCIe
Power connection
Rugged power jack (2.5 x 5.5 mm)
FPGA type
Zyn Ultrascale+ - XCZU3 (154K logic , 7.6Mb RAM, 360 DSP) - CG (Dual core)
Form Factor
Standalone (100 x 160 mm)

Legislation and Environmental

Supported operating temperature
Commercial (0°C ~ 70°C) and Industrial (-40°C ~ 85°C)
standard Commercial Air-cooled
ROHS Compliant
Yes - RoHS Phthalates Compliant
Product contains no SVHC (15-May-2020)
Country of origin
the Netherlands ( Europe)
Tariff Number (HS code)
84733020- Electronic assemblies of automatic data-processing machines